Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Blue Moon Ultra

The Blue Moon Ultra Will Take Place on Thursday to Saturday July 30-August 1 2015
Registration is on Webscorer or by check prepaid.  No on site registration.

48 Hour Event Starts at 7PM Thursday Night
24 Hour Event Starts at 7AM Friday Morning or 7PM Friday night
All runners must be finished and off the course by 7PM Saturday night.
No extensions this time as I need to get to Altadena to volunteer at the AC 100 Sunday.

The course is the Rohr Park Course. A loop is 50-60 ft of elevation change... practically flat.
5K per lap, 10 for 50K, 16 for 50 miles, 20 for 100K, 32 for 100 miles

There is a new option for those who want a longer course.
There traditional Rohr Park Course, Plus the out-and-back trail to the Staging Area, just before the 805.  This lollypop course option is 10K per lap.  A whole lollypop loop is 240 ft of elevation change.

Course 1 Lap 10 K 21K / Half 50K 50M 100K 100m
Loop 5K 2 Laps 4 laps plus 10 Laps 16 Laps 20 Laps 32 Laps
Lollipop 10L 1 Lap 2 laps plus 5 Laps 8 Laps 10 Laps 16 Laps

If you want a buckle, you have to run at least 100 miles and pre-register for the sub 24 with buckle or the sub 48 with buckle.  If you sign up for the sub 24 buckle and need more time, we can accomodate you, but you will have to pay the extra 24 hour fee ($25) to get your buckle.